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Family ties not withstanding, Cloud will not allow Raven or any other stallion to get too close to Sitka. As a young horse Cloud mimicked his older brother Diamond. When Diamond roughhoused with a yearling, Cloud did the same.

As bachelors, Diamond and Cloud remained close friends and roamed the region with other horses like rowdy teenagers. The BLM, hoping Cloud would breed and pass on his unusual coat color, released him. Other horses were auctioned, including Trace, the blue roan Kathrens adopted. Red Raven and Blue Sioux are reunited after Cloud stole his brother's family.

Moving image of horse projected on clouds above Nottingham - BBC News

Blue Sioux disappeared from Cloud's band when she was about to give birth. She took that time -- the only time Cloud would let her go freely -- to search for Red Raven in the mountaintop and have their baby. When he was just four years old Cloud tried to steal a stallion's band. Four-year-old horses are rarely strong enough to become band stallions but that didn't stop Cloud from trying. He would finally get his family after getting a hold of Sitka, the pregnant mare of Shaman, a robust stallion.

Cloud became stepfather to Sitka's yearling daughter and, later, her colt, Flint. When Plenty Coups, a blue roan band stallion, became injured and lost his mares, Cloud bred his black mare. But Cloud, not yet strong enough to hold onto her, lost the black mare to Shaman, a veteran stallion.

Here, Shaman, Little Cloud, and the black mare graze.

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  • Projection is the ideal medium for Gustav Klimt's electric art.

Little Cloud was a frail foal but as he approached his first birthday, he became stronger, earning him a new name, Bolder. One late summer afternoon Cloud stole a mare and two yearlings, doubling the size of his band. Flint, named for the rocks so common in the Arrowheads, quickly claimed the bay yearling as a playmate. In , Cloud and his family, as well as Shaman's band, were captured in another Bureau of Land Management roundup. All the captured horses had blood drawn, including Cloud and Bolder. The samples were analyzed by world-famous equine geneticist Dr.

Gus Cothran, who confirmed that the two horses were father and son.

Moving image of horse projected on clouds above Nottingham

The display wasn't clear from the ground, but viewed from the plane it looked like a horse galloping through the dark clouds. The original zoopraxiscope was created by Eadweard Muybridge, an English photographer who pioneered and studied motion photography. The device used a slit method and each pocket held a glass disc with an image.

When rotated, the sequential images would project the illusion of movement. This method worked well at the time but it created images that were too dim for Lynch's project. He needed to sustain a projection on the clouds from about 50 meters away. He turned to scientists Mike Nix and Ben Whitaker in the chemistry department at University of Leeds for insight into new laser techniques.

Lynch spent the last three years working on mobile projections. He first thought of it when he read a detailed paper on non-lethal weapons by the US Air Force published in the early '80s that listed the concept of " Holographic, Prophets. Initially he wanted to create an open source version for artists and activists. But over the years, he became cautious of the implications. Buyer's Guide. Log in.

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Sign up. Mercedes' latest high-tech concept car is a throwback to Projection is the ideal medium for Gustav Klimt's electric art.

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Real-time tracking and projection mapping keeps getting better.

Clouds Like Horses Clouds Like Horses
Clouds Like Horses Clouds Like Horses
Clouds Like Horses Clouds Like Horses
Clouds Like Horses Clouds Like Horses
Clouds Like Horses Clouds Like Horses
Clouds Like Horses Clouds Like Horses

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