Discontinuity and Hope

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Matias D. The Regression Discontinuity RD design is one of the most popular and credible research designs for program evaluation and causal inference. This volume 38 of Advances in Econometrics collects twelve innovative and thought-provoking contributions to the RD literature, covering a wide range of methodological and practical topics.

Some chapters touch on foundational methodological issues such as identification, interpretation, implementation, falsification testing, estimation and inference, while others focus on more recent and related topics such as identification and interpretation in a discontinuity-in-density framework, empirical structural estimation, comparative RD methods, and extrapolation.

Determine the discontinuity of the function

These chapters not only give new insights for current methodological and empirical research, but also provide new bases and frameworks for future work in this area. This volume contributes to the rapidly expanding RD literature by bringing together theoretical and applied econometricians, statisticians, and social, behavioural and biomedical scientists, in the hope that these interactions will further spark innovative practical developments in this important and active research area. Older patients who do not see the same GP over a period of time are at higher risk of emergency hospital admission than those who see the same or a small number of GPs, according to new research.


Researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Oxford found that the risk of emergency hospital admission was more than twice as high for patients with the least continuity of care compared with those with high continuity of care. The study, published in Annals of Family Medicine today, involved analysing data from 10, electronic records of patients aged 65 years and older, from general practices in England, between April and March These data were linked to hospital records to measure the association between continuity of care and risk of emergency hospital admission.

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The team focused on older patients as they are seen more frequently in general practice than younger adult patients and are most at risk of emergency hospital admission. Acute hospital services in England are under sustained pressure with increasing emergency attendances, resulting in longer waiting times in emergency departments and high bed occupancy rates.

These are both associated with poorer clinical outcomes as well as greater demands on staff. Previous evidence suggests that some patients admitted as emergencies could be managed at home. From Producer to Consumer 3. New Generations Bring a New Context. From Racial Integration to Ethnic Separation. From Minority to Majority. From Vertical to Horizontal. From Institutions to Individuals. From Superstar to Teams.

From Generalist to Specialist. From Full-time to Part-time. From Movements to Networks.

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From Family to Peers. From Passive to Active. From Improvement to Entertainment. From Survival to Choices. From Enemy to Ally. From Verbal to Visual. From Too Young to Too Late. From Sympathy to Intervention.

From Talk Therapy to Drugs to the Internet 4. Seven Neglected Changes. From Service to Challenge. From Toys to Experiences. From Belief to Unbelief. From the Center to the Margins.

Adiabatic continuity and discontinuity

From Unifying to Divisive. From Higher to Wider. From One Site to Many. The Big Omission 5.

Discontinuity and Hope Discontinuity and Hope
Discontinuity and Hope Discontinuity and Hope
Discontinuity and Hope Discontinuity and Hope
Discontinuity and Hope Discontinuity and Hope
Discontinuity and Hope Discontinuity and Hope
Discontinuity and Hope Discontinuity and Hope
Discontinuity and Hope Discontinuity and Hope
Discontinuity and Hope Discontinuity and Hope

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