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However, none of us are omnipotent and he has a good heart. It was enlightening to see how his eyes were opened and how he responded to the different situations one they were. Our heroine Julie although she was attracted to Garrett was deliberate in her choice in pursuing a relationship with him. She is thinking of two things: She has a child to consider and he probably will be moving on. Is it enough to just live in the moment? The story was just the right mix of family interactions, romance and a little bit of danger and intrigue.

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Garrett From Amazon As a senator's aid, Garrett McKettricks is responsible for everything from safety to booking hotel rooms, although Garrett draws the line when the senator takes his extramarital affair public and wants Garrett to help with the fallout. When Garrett returns home to his family's ranch to regroup, he comes face to face again with Julie Remington. Garrett and Julie have known each other since high school, but have never traveled in the same circles. Garrett finds himself attracted to Julie, however she comes with a young son and a possibly troublesome ex-husband, and Garrett doesn't think he needs any more challenges right now.

Julie has her hands full as well. She doesn't need any more excitement in her life. Nevertheless, Garrett is proving to be the kind of excitement she can't ignore. A philandering senator, dangerous rustlers, and a lot of passion fill the pages of Garrett. Julie is a shy, down-home schoolteacher and Garrett is a jet-setting politician.

McKettricks of Texas: Garrett by Linda Lael Miller

Their differences are what bring them together, giving them what they need and want. Garrett has some excitement, it's rich in tradition and family values, and it has a passionate romance. The bit of old-fashion in Linda Lael Miller's writing style extends beyond her lovely western historicals. Her subtle blend of sensuality, chivalry, and the clear roles of her men and women create charming romances. The McKettrick brothers are sexy gentleman with Stetsons. Whether they're from or , Linda Lael Miller's cowboys are timeless.

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Important Message. But I found that the romance was missing that special spark that was apparent in previous books. While I enjoyed the ending which was the best aspect of the book, this is not a keeper for me. But if you read the previous books and enjoyed them and want to see what happens next then check it out. Has is a voracious reader and a geek at heart!

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She is a fan of most sub-genres of romance and fantasy, but especially loves fantasy and some sci fi. She's currently looking out for historical romances with unusual settings, and fantasy romance, in the vein of Anne Bishop and Elizabeth Vaughan who are on her list of favourite authors. She is always on the look out for new authors and loves the feeling of discovering a brand new author and books she loves.

Blodeudd I did find it a bit of meh book. I definitely recommend a lot of her older books and I really loved her Contemp suspense series the Look trilogy. Her older McKettrick series is also good. But I think the latter books are getting a bit tired.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Make that was. A scandal has brought him home to Blue River, a place where a man can slow down, take stock and plan his next move.

McKettricks of Texas: Garrett McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
McKettricks of Texas: Garrett McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
McKettricks of Texas: Garrett McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
McKettricks of Texas: Garrett McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
McKettricks of Texas: Garrett McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
McKettricks of Texas: Garrett McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
McKettricks of Texas: Garrett McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
McKettricks of Texas: Garrett McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
McKettricks of Texas: Garrett McKettricks of Texas: Garrett

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