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Sam Sebastien Libessart. Max Tardi Geoffroy Thiebaut. Sophie Barthel Caroline Santini.

Inspector Mallet Yoli Fuller. Laurent Delaunay Benjamin Baroche. Edith Delaunay Frederique Tirmont.

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Stephane Bacard Lorant Deutsch. Full Episode Guide. Kelvin Fletcher leaves Strictly judges flustered as he tops leaderboard with "outstanding" Samba -1h ago. With the crime story or pyschological novel, the reader might forgive ridiculous twists or let-down revelations if the smack of atmosphere and tenor of the sentences are strong enough. A suspense novel, though, appeals not to the heart or brain but to the fingers, aiming to keep them turning the pages. If, at any point, we stop wanting to know what happens next, then the book is finished, regardless of which page we're on.

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There is - to borrow the title of Harlan Coben's latest attempt at this form - no second chance. Coben has written seven novels about a private eye called Myron Bolitar, but his claim on the book charts and the movie-bucks rests on two recent thrillers: Tell No One and Gone for Good.

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These are serpentine conspiracy tales, well-suited to an America which followed the impeached Bill Clinton with the unelected George W Bush, although Coben's own twist on the genre is to move it from the traditional Washington corridors to quiet clapboard homes in the suburbs.

In Tell No One, a doctor discovers that his murdered wife is apparently still alive, while Gone For Good concerns a middle-class American who discovers, 11 years after his brother went missing presumed dead, that the sibling is still alive. There's a certain pattern of the un-dead here: in a Coben novel, always get a second opinion on a death certificate.

Cultural shrinks might conclude that the writer's sudden huge success with these are-they-or-aren't-they? Certainly, No Second Chance confirms Coben's attachment to the premise, suggesting a case of a bestselling author who accepts that his audience has bought in to a certain formula.

No second chance

Coben was an executive producer of the programme, which came out in France in entitled Une chance de trop. He is also the co-producer of Safe, an Anglo-French crime show coming soon to Netflix.

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I absolutely loved the first episode and looked forward to seeing the rest of it but there have not been any more episodes since the first one. What is happening why have we not had any more.

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    No Second Chance No Second Chance
    No Second Chance No Second Chance
    No Second Chance No Second Chance
    No Second Chance No Second Chance
    No Second Chance No Second Chance
    No Second Chance No Second Chance

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