THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible

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The Holy Piby The Blackman's Bible - AbeBooks - Robert Athlyi Rogers:

Institutional Login. LOG IN. Journal of Africana Religions. Chapter I The Creation. Chapter 2 Dead Became Alive. Chapter 1 Heaven Grieved.


Chapter 2 Presentation of the Law. Chapter 13 Athlyi Bleeds.

Chapter 14 Heaven and Hell. Chapter 15 The Beggar. Chapter 1 Apostles Anointed. Chapter 2 God Spoke to His Apostles. Chapter 3 Standing Before Elijah. Chapter 4 Apostles Exalted. Moreover, Ras Sydney Lloyd Da Silva, Chairman of the Rastafarian Centralization Organization, was full of emotion and nostalgia when he recalled this event during an interview I conducted with him in August So, this was a great thing for me, you know? So, what happened that day when I go to greet him, there was a great number of young people at the airport and…I saw this likkle man and….

Robert Athlyi Rogers

He was a likkle man and what was nice about it is that when I saw him coming out of the plane, it was a miracle! You know, my bredrins and the elders we were underneath that plane trying to light the chalice and you know there was this fire with the plane…Man, it was a great day! It was a day of joyfulness, it was a day of sadness; some people cry, some people smile, it was a great day!

There were hundreds of thousands of people. And from the airport to Kings House, the road was crowded. When he came out and saw the crowd…the crowd saw him and rush to the plane and he could not come down the steps. I want him to come down. To a lesser extent, they also refer to the Holy Piby and other so-called sacred texts.

Such a belief challenges Christianity which advocates a white image of God through the numerous paintings, drawings and statues depicting Jesus Christ with white skin, blond hair and blues eyes. Besides this particular point, fervent Rastas follow rules of conduct stipulated in the Bible.

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Indeed, by not eating pork, Rastas get closer to Islam and accordingly Africa, distancing themselves from Christianity and therefore from the ones who introduced this religion to Jamaica, namely Westerners. By smoking ganja instead of drinking alcohol, they clearly rebel against Christian Eucharist. In addition, this practice clearly echoes their African cultural heritage. Indeed, it is common knowledge that hallucinogenic plants such as iboga and voacanga have been used for centuries in traditional African rituals, in Gabon in Central Africa in particular.

To sum up, African Emperor Haile Selassie I, natural food called Ital food in Dread talk, ganja and dreadlocks are strong religious symbols defying Christian beliefs.

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Photographie 2. A Rasta smoking ganja with a pipe called chalice in reference to the Holy Chalice in Christian tradition.

Indeed, Rastafarians, who proclaim their African identity, see the drum as a link with Africa and the sound it produces as its heartbeat. Like their African ancestors, they also use it as a means of communication between the living and the dead. As for chant, it enables them to melodiously praise Jah and to pay tribute to the Promised Land: Africa.

The second symbol is the Ethiopian flag with its three well-known colors: green representing the fertile lands of the country, yellow representing the wealth of Ethiopia and the red color being for the blood shed in the fight for freedom and in defense of the country. These three colors are seen as strong Pan-African colors. Photographie 3.

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Like early Ethiopianists, Jamaican Rastafarians associate themselves with the Jews enslaved in Babylon during their first exile from Israel in the sixth century Before Christ. Thus, they preach the return to their homeland Ethiopia, but Babylon must collapse before expecting the eternal rest in Africa. Thus, the concepts of Africa and Babylon play a central role in Rastafarian ideology, the first one symbolizing the good, the second the evil.

Patois, which began as a pidgin, emerged in order to provide some level of cross-group communication. It appeared early in Jamaican history and phenomenally developed in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries along with the phenomena of emigration and immigration.

THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible
THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible
THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible
THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible
THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible
THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible
THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible THE HOLY PIBY: The Blackmans Bible

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