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Once you have one or more potential lawyers, set up a meeting with each. Talk to them about your plans for renting, and decide if they seem like someone you could work with. If so, talk with them about the services they can provide and the fees they will charge. Purchase insurance. Your entire property should be insured against loss, damage, and other issues. If you have employees managing or maintaining the property, make sure that they are also properly insured. Write a lease. This is a legal contract that covers the agreement between the landlord and tenant.

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It is signed when a tenant and landlord agree to rent an apartment, and copies are kept for both parties. You can find lease templates online, or talk to your lawyer about what information to put in one. Most leases include things like: [3] The names and signatures of the tenant s and landlord. The date the lease was signed.

The starting and ending dates that the property will be rented Rent costs and due dates Policies on security deposits and lease termination Information on any environmental hazards present at the property Optional policies on things like subletting and any utilities included in the rent. Ask tenants for a security deposit. This is usually used to cover expenses in the event that there are damages or other problems with the apartment when a tenant moves out.

However, there are specific legal regulations governing how to collect, manage, and return security deposits if the apartment is satisfactory upon move-out. You may be required to hold the funds in escrow while the tenant occupies the apartment, and return the deposit, minus any valid charges, within a certain time period, such as 30 days. Let your tenants know about any environmental hazards. Many areas have laws that now require landlords to let tenants know if there is lead paint or plumbing in the apartment building. If there are other environmental hazards that tenants may be exposed to, let them know in writing.

This will provide legal protection and let tenants make good choices. Create a comprehensive budget. Managing an apartment can be a money-making opportunity, but there are costs involved. To make sure you stay financially afloat, create a budget.

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You can also work with an accountant for your financial matters. Budgets should detail: [6] Your monthly rental income Monthly expenses mortgage costs, fees for things like insurance and utilities, and taxes Projected costs for maintenance and upkeep Money you keep in reserve to cover things like vacant apartments and advertising Funds set aside to help cover emergency expenses such as damage from a storm, or a spike in mortgage costs. Hire a property management service.

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You can delegate some or all of your duties to a third party company that specializes in property management. Different agreements can be arranged: you can decide that a property manager will only oversee maintenance, for example, or that they will be responsible for everything from executing leases to collecting rent, to managing tenant issues. Make sure you can factor this into your budget. Do regular property inspections. Whenever a tenant moves in or out, you should walk through and make sure the property is clean and in good condition.

If there are any damages, appliances or fixtures that are not working properly, or other issues, make a note and look into correcting the problem.

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While tenants are living in the apartment, you should also perform regular inspections. Except in the case of emergencies, you must give your tenants 48 hours written notice before performing an inspection on the property. Refer to the Landlord Tenant Act for your area to learn more.

Make sure tenants are doing their part. Tenants are normally expected to take care of some of the basic upkeep of an apartment. This includes things like keeping it clean, regularly taking out the garbage, using the property only for legal activities, following parking policies, and not allowing unofficial residents. You can also distribute a regular tenant newsletter if you need to remind them of any policies. Keep the apartment secure and appealing.

7 Tips For Managing Rental Properties

No one wants to live in an apartment that looks like it is run down or a target for thieves. Investing in a few things, like proper outdoor lighting and regular landscape maintenance, will keep your property looking cared for. Hire contractors for any major work, or when the tasks impact building codes or other regulations. Stay organized. Always keep records of all financial transactions related to the management of your property, including receipts and invoices.

You should also maintain a file for each tenant that includes records of the lease, rent payments, and any other relevant information. Keeping tidy and comprehensive records will make sure that legal and financial matters are easily taken care of, saving you a lot of headache. Advertise your rentals. Even in high-demand housing markets, advertising your availability is helpful. You want potential tenants to find out what apartment s you have, and how to get in touch with you about renting. Easy ways to advertise include: Posting availabilities on Internet classified sites Creating listings on apartment search websites Creating your own website and social media accounts to describe your rental s Asking a property management company or real estate agent to advertise for you.

Create a written application. Have any potential tenants complete this application and turn it in to you. You can also charge a small application fee to ensure your applicants are serious, and understand what is expected. References former landlords Employment information A statement of monthly income Preferences for things like pets and parking if relevant for your property.

Run a background check and obtain a credit report for applicants. Also, obtain a credit report for each applicant so you can determine if they are likely to be able to afford the rent payments and make them on time. Do an eviction search to find out if the applicant has been evicted before. Select good tenants. Fair housing laws dictate that you cannot discriminate against tenants based on race, sex, sexual orientation, etc. However, you should screen applicants to ensure that they are financially able to rent your property, and likely to take good care of it. Your criteria should be the same for all applicants, and keep records.

Screening can include: [13] Asking for references previous landlords, and personal references if necessary Verification of income like a recent pay stub to show tenants will be able to meet the rent level. Pickup not available. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information.

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The unofficial guide to managing rental property The unofficial guide to managing rental property
The unofficial guide to managing rental property The unofficial guide to managing rental property
The unofficial guide to managing rental property The unofficial guide to managing rental property
The unofficial guide to managing rental property The unofficial guide to managing rental property
The unofficial guide to managing rental property The unofficial guide to managing rental property

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