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These are broken down into categories based on the type of meat in question, such as big game, small game, wild turkey and waterfowl chapters. The book itself is also appealing when it comes to images. In particular, some of the recipes have photos that make the various techniques much easier to follow.

The Everything Wild Game Cookbook: From fowl and fish to rabbit and venison--300 recipes for home…

In other cases, the images help you see exactly what a dish is meant to look like. This is another cookbook that could be considered a classic and its biggest advantage is the large number of recipes. Now, as you may be able to guess, there are disadvantages with the cookbook too. As with most options that contain this many recipes, the formatting and image selection is lacking. The term gourmet is a good descriptor of this cookbook, as the many of the recipes here are on the unusual side and are often more complex than you may expect.

Interestingly, the recipes come from a range of different authors. As a consequence, there is some variation in styles from one to the next. Like many of the other options, this cookbook does offer considerable guidance about how to prepare and process game effectively, including information about skinning and butchering. This makes it a valuable resource overall, especially as many of the directions are illustrated. This cookbook has a very specific focus, with all of the recipes being for bison, rather than any other type of wild game. However, the author is somewhat of an expert on the topic and the cookbook itself is well designed, with no shortage of images throughout.

There are also more than different recipes in the cookbook, which is fairly impressive given that most game cookbooks only offer a handful for bison.

The Everything Wild Game Cookbook From Fowl And Fish to Rabbit And Venison 300 Recipes for Home coo

Girl Hunter is an unusual style of book, especially as there is a strong focus on narrative and on the experiences of the author. Nevertheless, there are also recipes throughout the book, including many for game and other recipes for accompanying sauces, rubs and stocks. Many of the recipes provided are well worth trying out, while the overall design makes for an enjoyable read for many.

Still, the nature of this book draws mixed opinions. Likewise, if you already know the basics of hunting, the book might end up being a painful read. The cookbooks here offer a considerable range of different recipes, with each author having their own particular style and preferences. The author of this book Hank Shaw is somewhat of an expert in the field, with multiple cookbooks under his belt. While this is not his most popular option, it is extremely appealing because it covers a range of different types of game. At the same time, it is also a highly visual cookbook, offering you considerable insight into various methods for prepping and serving game.

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The Everything Wild Game Cookbook : Karen Eagle :

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  • Simple and Delicious Ways to Prepare Venison, Waterfowl, Fish, Turkey, and Small Game!
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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The only exception was rails, a shorebird for which he relied on others for expertise in the kitchen. What animals are included? Pretty much everything except waterfowl and animals with hooves. The focus is on the most popular: pheasants, wild turkeys, grouse, woodcocks, doves, hares and rabbits, and squirrels.

But more boutique game, such as snipe and ptarmigan, are covered as well. There are even hat tips to rarely-heralded beasts like beaver and possum.

  • Simple and Delicious Ways to Prepare Venison, Waterfowl, Fish, Turkey, and Small Game.
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And plenty have undoubtedly been surprised to slice into, say, a woodcock breast and spy a dark meat with an odor of ducky funk that bears little resemblance to the light- and mild-breasted grouse that was shot from the same forest covert. It also offers icons that serve as a key for signifying which recipes will work for which animals.

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Since many recipes and techniques can be applied to different, but not all, meats, this is genius. And yes, some of the recipes in the book are available online, but only about a quarter of them, Shaw said. I bought 4 cookbooks! One for myself and others for Christmas!

The Everything Wild Game Cookbook

Thank you!! The bomb! Everyone needs to buy her recipe book. We enjoyed the class and made the dish for dinner!

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We look forward to trying more recipes in your cookbook! Thanks for the inspiration! Elk Recipes.

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Wild game cookbook Wild game cookbook
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